Monday, September 6, 2010

Where is Heaven

The size of the universe is so mind boggling.

A response I have to this is where I might be going when I die which today cannot be far off. When my brother died at 30, when your grandparents, both sets died, my brother, Bill, I envisioned each approaching heaven's gate and Peter accepting them in. Or your Aunts Cese and Charlotte and Elsie or Uncles Fred and John. When Charlene died at her funeral Mass when brother Jim was singing 'On Eagles Wings' I could see her soul soaring into the heavens and approaching, though not literally, the arms of our God.

Since these times my mind has changed. I do yet , still, believe my soul will go on-- that somehow [beyond today's human understanding] there is life after death. Heaven is not up there or out there as the story goes. This entire universe including the earth planet is where heaven is, particularly God's spirit dwelling in each of us. We were told by Jesus, the Christ, we are to live this life as Christ taught and exemplified in building up the Kingdom here. I believe I have spent my lifetime doing just that. Though certainly what that means and required of me has changed through my years. For instance, I birthed 9 children because that was my job, [married woman, spouse]. How much this has changed! I believed God required more workers on earth to do His job. Did you know that? We each were to light our candle and do what each could to move this earth heavenward. I spent your formative years in that pursuit. I learned a lot along the way. Grew. As you are now.

I believe another gift of science besides the ability to look far out into the universe is along the line of black hole, etc. another dimension. This is where I see heaven being-- another dimension. God, separated soul , human, animal, vegetable, mineral. Going by St. John's 'eye has not seen' as his description of heaven I have confidence whatever or wherever all will be well, all is well. As a human I can't fathom that beyond any more than Lacy my dog knew what it was to be human. It will be good. What I know as right now God is in me, after death of my body I will be in God. 'And it will be good baby-- it will be gosh darn good' [phrase from Leonard Bernstein's Mass].

Could be interesting to look one day at this thought of an 83 year old woman, mother, grandmother in the year 2010. This concept will develop for certain as time passes and human knowledge expands.

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  1. Aunt Charlene died at her funeral mass? ??? Sorry for that question, I am very much enjoying reading your blog. Wonder if you went to St Joseph's when you lived in Rockford, that's where our family, the Marteganis, worshipped. Blessed be.


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