Friday, October 22, 2010


I need to include this picture of the home my grandparents lived in on Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee. Interesting to me how the homes seem similar to each other, high steps, porches, like a tract home. I always thought tracts of similar homes, ticky tacky, were built after World War II when the troops came home. This picture shows my father reaching for Elayne, probably about 2 years old.
This latter one is Elayne and MaryKay with Auntie Gladys sitting on the Juneau house steps. One can see granddad John Morris seated in a chair on the porch. 
This is a portrait of Mother, Elayne and I. Seems I am yet a babe, 18 months or so.
This is a photo of Elayne and I kinda waiting around, mother being busy with our new baby brother, Billy.
This one I have always liked because it shows me sitting on the little wicker rocker which is now in Jim and Angie’s home. I am holding Sugar Bun, the baby doll which belongs to Elayne. She often shared with me. 
I cannot figure this out. This is the house where we lived Jefferson, WI. I am 2 1/2 years old. Did we move to this house just a short time after Billy was born? His birthdate April 3, 1929. Snow now.
The home was across from a park in which was a high slide. My mother spent tense times at the foot of the ladder because I always wanted to fearlessly climb to the top, out of her reach. As a mom and grand-mom I learned first hand of her anxiety.

This is Mother and Billy, around 10 months old. Easy to identify this as the Jefferson home.

Then there is this picture of me on my kiddie kar. Same house and I am 2 1/2 years old. My mother wrote my age on the back of the snapshot. 

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