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1947 Three in College

1947 my brother, Bill is registered as a Freshman in Marquette University. He lives right smack in the midst of campus at a men's dorm, Brook's Hall, just across from what was then the new Bus. Ad building. I couldn't find a picture. Lived there all 4 years. Soon after he graduated a new men's dorm was constructed. The old building remains for I saw the building when we toured the campus in the nineties.  
The picture on the right I'm thinking  would do my brother, Bill, justice. 
Note the colors, blue and gold. I know he is giving me 2 thumbs up!

Jim writes: "It was such fun for me going up to Milwaukee to see brother and sisters, probably getting the day off from school, accompanying my mother. He [Bill] became known by all, many of whom were football players, quite a few blacks, and he would take me around to their rooms to introduce me to the jocks. You see he was what they called a Manager for the football and basketball teams, taking care of uniforms, logistics. Owing to this situation he knew the coaches personally".

All three of us, Elayne, Bill and MaryKay are now in college. One semester Elayne opts to live off campus. She lives with a family in their home in Wauwatosa just off Bluemound Rd. I do not recall much about how this change came about. I know the family consisted of father, mother, and 2 children. This mother was a nurse. I stayed overnight at least once with Elayne. The mom opened the windows in the children's bedrooms very wide at night to let in the cold, fresh air. My impression from my visits was  a 'cold' one all around. Oh- yes it was fresh and it was cold. Like sleeping in an igloo.I can imagine though that Elayne and perhaps 'the club' thought she might save us some money in room and board with this arrangement. This could work out for Elayne just as it did for me with the Holtan family. I'm not sure it did. No room and board expenses would indeed be a tremendous savings. In addition to tuition, however, she would now have the cost of public transportation to and from school and the time involved.
"Mother drove in on Friday. She and Elayne came out to pick me up and  went to dinner."
Bill and his roommate came out to visit me at MMC and spend some hours just fooling around. Mother picked all three of us up for Thanksgiving break. Perhaps more economical than 3 bus fares. Was surely convenient for us.
Pennants were glued on my suitcase.

Mother asked me to pick up Bill's laundry at Brook's Hall. "Right between classes at Marquette I came walking along with my Mount Mary pennant suitcase. The pennant seemed magnified 100 times. Then all by myself I walked into Brook's Hall-- so many men. Now I know how the fellows feel when they come out here with all the girls around.... Jim has a clarinet now. So far he knows the first 12 measures of 'Merry Widow Waltz'."

My sister was pledged into the Theta Sigma Phi Honor Society- National Honorary Journalism. She says she's getting such wonderful marks in reporting she can hardly believe it. "Dean O'Sullivan is supposed to be 'tough stuff'  I write.
June, 1948- My sister, Elayne,  graduates from Marquette University with a B.A. Degree her major having been Journalism.
Air Force Graduation Announcement

And Bruce is now a jet pilot having completed his Air Force classes. Lieutenant Bruce M. Stewart Shaw AFB South Carolina. He's flying jets overhead, formations and all the Air Force maneuvers.
Lieutenant Bruce M. Stewart US Air Force

"Fr. Blake at St. Joseph's, Richmond was killed in an automobile accident last Wednesday outside Kenosha. Another rider was killed, too, Mr. Clancy lawyer from Chicago. Went to Fr.'s funeral this morning. I couldn't look at him laid out because I loved him so and want to remembr him as he was . He just went away or I did and it is goodbye--- so long to an old friend. Maybe we can be even better friends with him in Heaven. What a personality that guy had!!!"
"Elayne commutes to Chicago from Genoa City each day. Her features are softer and more womanly. Just took a snapshot of her. If it turns out I'll send it to you."
Big Foot Country Club- Fontana, WI

I spent these summer months away from home. I was working at Big Foot Country Club in Fontana, WI. I roomed with 2 other college students from Whitewater College. We lived in a great room over the Club’s kitchen. The club members had many activities those summer days other than golfing. Throughout the summertime there were frequent luncheons, dinner parties, dances. We were busy serving meals. Members treated us special.

Spending my break at the lake

After lunch we’d have a break and head down the highway to the lake to pass time until we were needed for dinner service.

The head greenskeeper, very nice, clean cut young man kept asking for dates. I went out with him only once. I wanted to marry a college guy and so he didn’t fit the profile. Too many tears might result if we did. He was a Catholic, that satisfied another requirement. Had to be Catholic. Some nights we three girls would walk down to the lake to a popular spot nearby where many young people gathered, again many from Evergreen Park or Beverly in Chicago. Fun was flirting with these guys. Some were ‘fast’ [shameless, immoderate, licentious]. Behavior unexpected from Catholic College guys, I thought, which they often were. Previous guys I had met were by far more gentlemanly, in my experience. Always I compare guys I meet to the ones special in my life-- my father, my brothers, and my first love, Bruce.
Ride to Sunday Mass w/Daley Family

Sundays I would walk out onto the blacktop road on my way to the church in town. Several times Richard J. Daley gave me a lift. This was the papa Daley who was mayor of Chicago and , of course, his son was with him, another future mayor. Nice Irish family-- mom, pop and kids. A lesson I learned at the club that some of the folks that have a lot of money don’t need to dress up, show off, and act a part. Another new idea- my roommates would strip off their clothes and spend the evening in our quarters after work totally naked, 'absolutely as naked as the day that they were born'. They said they did the same at home. This was news to me. And I couldn’t help but wonder if they had brothers or paraded around bare before their father. How could this be modest womanly behavior? Things to learn out in the great big world.

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